Sunday, September 11, 2011

iPhone Apps

Well, you had to know this was coming!

I've had my iPhone for a little bit now, and with the way that is me, have dived into it 100%

First recommendation would be the Blogger app, as without it I would not be typing this post!

Here's more reccs:


Meal Builder Pro - This is a meal planner, recipe storer and shopping list. I had tried out Plan To Eat which has a mobile version (not an app) but this is American based and has problems calculating metric equivalents. That for $40 a year just wasn't worth it. Meal Builder Pro is my replacement and a lot cheaper and is Australian based.

Ireconcile - this is a simple app. I am using it to keep an eye on our accounts. This especially helps with the misc outstanding transactions that appear that you end up having no idea what they are for.

ShoppingList - A simple list app with a few fantastic features. Has the ability to email or SMS list to others

HomeBudget - is a full app. Has expenses, budgets and anything you can think of. All these types are pretty similar with features, so the difference is just in the layout and handling

BillTracker - does obviously what you would think! You can enter account payee details, numbers and a whole bunch of other info

HouseKeeper - this tracks issues for home owners. For instance right now we have stumps needing to be replaced and chimney top welding. You can add photos to track an issue over time. I am using it to remind me on top need repairs, to call for quotes etc

Homekeeper - not to be confused with housekeeper above. Home keeper helps you keep track of all those pesky house maintenance items that need to be done. Everything from fertilizing the lawn to repairs to aircon. Has a large pre-entered list you can add or add your own.

Momo 2011 -this is a yearly app, pre-filled (but you can edit) for items you may forget to do. It's set up as a daily checklist. Items like change the dishtowel to wipe the fridge down etc. It by Motivated Moms.

HomeRoutine - think of it as a shiny sparkly FlyLady journal. It for cleaning and "zones". I love it, I never succeeded with FlyLady herself as it's too much paperwork time and confusion. HomeRoutine is absolutely brilliant!

Your bank - not actually called that so don't go searching. Just a little reminder if you do online banking don't forget to check to see if your particular bank has an app.

ChorePad - is a digital version of this pretty reward charts. You add chores, star they are worth, rewards, and the children ( or husband lol) then assign and go forth!

Logfrog - Diabetes app. I gave this, but haven't used it fully yet. I like that it more aimed at type 1 diabetes for kids. It records levels, insulin exercise and something else I can't remember lol

Period Tracker - I love this app! Obviously it does as titled. It also tracks when your intimate, your mood, ovulation and side effects. It's quite discreet as an app too. Just listed as P tracker with a little flower logo

Gardenate - Tells you what to plant when. It has zones for multiple regions of Australia and overseas

MyMarketsVic - I actually literally just downloaded this so I can't give feedback. It is supposed to be markets listing for Victoria, however, I usually find things like these mean for Melbourne, not Victoria, but I'll see how I go.

Occasions - is an event reminder system for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. I sorely needed something like this, and will probably get a gift app too.

Yates - is a garden problem Solver, for weeds and pests. I was hoping it would tell me what to so with those evil weeds in the backyard that set me off into itches, since I can't get near 'em and have dogs, other than using explosives, hopefully it will give me some natural solution, but I think this may be another app just advising to fill your garden with chemicals lol.

Okay takes a litlle longer to type on iPhone and I Now have an overtensed index, so I will cut this short and bring you part 2 - games in the next post.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Disney Cars Birthday Party - Last Part

Finally, you can all now breathe a sign of relief, this is the last post on C's B'day!

Below is naughty E on the table, C is smiling for the camera with his birthday cake!

Below is a closer image of the cake. The cake was done at the last minute. Instead of using frosting (which I did not have on hand) I used White Chocolate, very indulgent and means only a sliver can be given to the kids. The grass is coconut that has been dyed with food colouring. The road is Milk Chocolate with crushed Oreo pieces. A drizzle of white chocolate was used for the white lines, the edges are Crumbled Flake Chocolate. Underneath all this is a simple sponge cake purchased from the Supermarket. The Flags are toothpicks and printed checked paper, I used some of the melted white chocolate as "glue" for the flag LOL.

As normal with parties, we had Favour Bags. Each bag had various Disney Cars Stuff, a party pack which had a height chart, reusable sticer scene and a few other bits and pieces. A on the go mini colouring book with crayons, and a folder with a few items I printed from the internet.

And of course, I had to add in another decoration. DS liked this because of the hanging Mcqueens that spun in the breeze.
So thats it! DS's party. And he had an absolute blast! In December we have the two other childrens parties, so I will photo blog about them then. A's is Disney Princess themed and E's will be Carnivale/Fete/Circus themed.


Miss E.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I love Iphones

Okay, so I am now officially a convert!

At the beginning, I was against them, I couldn't see the point.

Now its a complete 180!

A summary:

- Replace my calendar and have constant reminders for upcoming birthdays
- Can finally shop by myself and call to have DH pick me up
- Replace my paper planners with Digital Versions!
- Have a menu planner, recipe book, and shopping list AIO
- Replace my MP3 player which has bitten the dust
- Replace my DSi which has also sadly bitten the dust

I have a ratty calendar I refer to for birthdays, results are I often forget birthday's due to that being the only reason I check it. DH has been bugging me for ages to get another phone so I am contactable and he doesn't have to sit in the car waiting for me. My paper planners take too much time to setup and keep on top of, with two seperate apps, I can designate Zones and cleaning schedules, and another app gives a pre-filled list of stuff to do (wipe fridge, replace dish towels etc). Menu planning gets sadly neglected round here, and shopping lists are often written spur of the moment on an envelope, well no more! I need music in my life, and sadly the radio stations here are very neglected music wise, and most are filled with inane boring chatter. My poor DSi, I believe, needs to be soldered, and my skills are sadly lacking in that area. Luckily a quick search through the app store located similar games I currently play on my DS (I always do "puzzles" before bed, but I move through them rather quickly, and as the puzzle books I like out here are $5 a pop, this can get expensive very quickly. The DSi helped fill that void, now the Iphone will replace it, with Tri-towers, 11 Ball, Linkapix, Kakuro, Battleship Solitaire and various other mind games I enjoy ;)

And to think I originally couldn't understand what the fuss was about!

Iphones are expensive. I may look into getting a 4 or 5 once the 5 comes out, but scouring eBay paid off and I picked up a "broken" Iphone for $150 AU. a 3GS 16gb, an absolute bargain in my mind. A few days of frustration paid off, and I now have a fully working phone at my disposal.

How? Well I may not be the most technically savvy person, but when you have a whole internet at your disposal and some smarts, almost anything is possible! ;)

Well, I just came to brag, so now off to bed I go! Last Birthday photos (sorry very overdue!) Should be up over the weekend. I have also been very busy writing up a schedule for next term (currently upto week 16), I may upload the schedule later on (next term) for others to view. Its Sonlight-inspired, as I love the way Sonlight sets out there schedule.


Miss E.