Sunday, September 4, 2011

Disney Cars Birthday Party - Last Part

Finally, you can all now breathe a sign of relief, this is the last post on C's B'day!

Below is naughty E on the table, C is smiling for the camera with his birthday cake!

Below is a closer image of the cake. The cake was done at the last minute. Instead of using frosting (which I did not have on hand) I used White Chocolate, very indulgent and means only a sliver can be given to the kids. The grass is coconut that has been dyed with food colouring. The road is Milk Chocolate with crushed Oreo pieces. A drizzle of white chocolate was used for the white lines, the edges are Crumbled Flake Chocolate. Underneath all this is a simple sponge cake purchased from the Supermarket. The Flags are toothpicks and printed checked paper, I used some of the melted white chocolate as "glue" for the flag LOL.

As normal with parties, we had Favour Bags. Each bag had various Disney Cars Stuff, a party pack which had a height chart, reusable sticer scene and a few other bits and pieces. A on the go mini colouring book with crayons, and a folder with a few items I printed from the internet.

And of course, I had to add in another decoration. DS liked this because of the hanging Mcqueens that spun in the breeze.
So thats it! DS's party. And he had an absolute blast! In December we have the two other childrens parties, so I will photo blog about them then. A's is Disney Princess themed and E's will be Carnivale/Fete/Circus themed.


Miss E.


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