Saturday, September 3, 2011

I love Iphones

Okay, so I am now officially a convert!

At the beginning, I was against them, I couldn't see the point.

Now its a complete 180!

A summary:

- Replace my calendar and have constant reminders for upcoming birthdays
- Can finally shop by myself and call to have DH pick me up
- Replace my paper planners with Digital Versions!
- Have a menu planner, recipe book, and shopping list AIO
- Replace my MP3 player which has bitten the dust
- Replace my DSi which has also sadly bitten the dust

I have a ratty calendar I refer to for birthdays, results are I often forget birthday's due to that being the only reason I check it. DH has been bugging me for ages to get another phone so I am contactable and he doesn't have to sit in the car waiting for me. My paper planners take too much time to setup and keep on top of, with two seperate apps, I can designate Zones and cleaning schedules, and another app gives a pre-filled list of stuff to do (wipe fridge, replace dish towels etc). Menu planning gets sadly neglected round here, and shopping lists are often written spur of the moment on an envelope, well no more! I need music in my life, and sadly the radio stations here are very neglected music wise, and most are filled with inane boring chatter. My poor DSi, I believe, needs to be soldered, and my skills are sadly lacking in that area. Luckily a quick search through the app store located similar games I currently play on my DS (I always do "puzzles" before bed, but I move through them rather quickly, and as the puzzle books I like out here are $5 a pop, this can get expensive very quickly. The DSi helped fill that void, now the Iphone will replace it, with Tri-towers, 11 Ball, Linkapix, Kakuro, Battleship Solitaire and various other mind games I enjoy ;)

And to think I originally couldn't understand what the fuss was about!

Iphones are expensive. I may look into getting a 4 or 5 once the 5 comes out, but scouring eBay paid off and I picked up a "broken" Iphone for $150 AU. a 3GS 16gb, an absolute bargain in my mind. A few days of frustration paid off, and I now have a fully working phone at my disposal.

How? Well I may not be the most technically savvy person, but when you have a whole internet at your disposal and some smarts, almost anything is possible! ;)

Well, I just came to brag, so now off to bed I go! Last Birthday photos (sorry very overdue!) Should be up over the weekend. I have also been very busy writing up a schedule for next term (currently upto week 16), I may upload the schedule later on (next term) for others to view. Its Sonlight-inspired, as I love the way Sonlight sets out there schedule.


Miss E.


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