Monday, April 16, 2012


That is a current simple fact.

Its been one week since I last blogged (I promised myself to regularly update this blog) and what do I have to show for it? NOTHING.

Oh, its not like I have been sitting around doing nothing, on the contrary, I am have been running around like a chicken with its head cut-off.

But anything I have done is not photo-blog worthy, not even photo-less blog worthy. A WHOLE post about nothing. Interesting!

I finished the basis of my planning, its all done and raring to go, unfortunately, instead of purchasing the camera I said I would.....I went and bid (and won) an Ipad. Well it was cheap and I REALLY needed one. Apart from the obvious fact that I seem to be the only homeschooling mother without one (or so it seems when you ask for suggestions for resources/curriculums and everyone replies with ipad apps) I actually DID have quite a number of personal reasons I needed it. The main being DS learns so much from my iphone, but has problems with the small screen, another is that I desperately needed a place for my picture book ebooks (Kindle DX does not work so well for colour picture books).

I've also been getting stuff for the continent boxes, purchasing online supplies needed, and helping to edit a really, really cool Living Maths book. But none of it is really blog-worthy on its own (well the LM book is, but I am really not at liberty to say more right now :p )

I am hoping my old camera magically appears and I can get just a few photos out of it of the binders, but at least I have done my duty and not let a week go by without blogging ;)

Hopefully in the next few days (still busy with that book) I can get onto my other computer and upload pics of this really cool Dinosaur book my son has been playing with.

Until then, I think I am going to sleep. I think I've come down with the flu :(

Till next time
Miss Edumacated


Jen's Busy Days said...

Hey, you are doing better than me at blogging. And I hope you haven't come down with the flu.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Eddie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun doing real life stuff. My planning is sucking up a lot of time lately too.

Hope you don't actually have the flu.

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