Monday, May 14, 2012

Final Countdown!

Its on, its here.....its....oh dear.

Yes, we're into the final countdown before our new school year begins, currently one week away.

I'm pretty much running round sounding like Chicken Little, because....ya know, the sky is most definitely falling right now (just IMO).

I have a huge, overwhelming, completely weird supplies list (okay, so in say a months time, when anyone asks for information on who built *that* totally wasn't me.) I know my supplies list may look a little weird when you tally up all the receipts....but I swear officer......its homeschooling materials (cause yeah.....10 tonnes of flour, 2 feet of aquarium tubing, potting soil, peroxide.....they are *all* just general homeschooling materials) oh and don't forget the 10 marbles, 6 Lima Beans (because 5 just ISN'T enough!), used (yes, you heard me right, used) coffee grounds, and 2 pairs of stockings (yes, for school....because why would you want to actually use them as clothing? *baffled look* )

Officer, just ignore the wilted celery on the table, its for science, and the shaving cream mess on the floor, all kids need sensory play......yes, I'm aware the ants in the ant farm are all dead....let's count that as the Lifecycle part of Science covered okay?

I'm thinking, though, on these trips of those spy cameras would light up the faces of homeschooling parents everywhere. I could take photos of each checkout operators face when they see the conglomerated supplies. I managed to get a slight taste of these "facets of faces" last weekend when I did a "teeny" shop for geography and a trip to get a library card. Several times I found myself peering behind to see if there was another person who warranted the incredulous looks....nope, was lucky me.

Anyhoo the main point of these trips will be to get most of the un-perishable ( needs to find the proper word for that :p ) supplies for the entire school year. I have decided it will require going to no less than 5-6 different stores, and a total of 2 days......two days for shopping, 3 grumpy kids, 1 harried mum and DH who is atttttt his witssss end (yeah, that was me trying to be funny with the "12 days of christmas", in case you couldn't tell).

The rest of this week is going to be spent doing the final household nitty-gritty bits, little parts of h/s plans, and the WHOLE of Sunday will be spent organzing the purchased supplies....and I will also take photos of all of our learning areas whilst the kids are asleep....before they wreck it for the new year (its like a right of passage/celebration, who can destroy mummies weeks of hard work into school areas and catching up with household stuff, in the smallest timeframe far Chaos is still in the lead with 20 minutes to completely oblierate the main living areas, 2 bedrooms and the bathroom (I found him encased/wrapped in a HUGE pile of TP he had unwrapped (about 20 rolls worth....the entire room looked like snow had come) the other 4 rolls were ripped into tiny shreds and scattered over the lounge and dining) all of this as done in the time it took for me to feed the dogs and hang the washing out. What a legend. :p

So because I am in such a jolly mood I will leave you with some parting notes:

1. The best persuasion is to tell a child should she not go to sleep, she'll not be allowed to play her DS in the morning. Child dutifully started snoring within a minute. I found this to be the best reason for getting the DS out of storage ;)
Useful Idiom: It's about time!

2. The worst idea I have ever had was to pretend I was dead/sleeping, and conked out on the floor. Chaos proceeded to grab my ear, and scream "WAKE UP, MUMMY!" right into it. Its 3 days later and my ear is still ringing.
Useful Idiom: On the tip of his tongue

3. Tonight, we were baking our potatoes in the oven, and DH was whipping up a colourful cake. We were getting weirded out to find out our potatoes were getting colder.....turns out the element seems to be broken (or something more sinister) and we now have no oven. Translation for kids: No cake.
Lying Idiom: A Piece of cake!

Now, off I must go to get my Aquarium tubing and Potting Soil.

Miss E.


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