Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When the curriculum comes tumbling down...

It one of those times we're people see me as a red glowing monster. Yes, you should stay out of the way, NO I am not mad, but I will be if you keep asking.

For the love of all that is gold, please leave me alone!

That pretty much sums it up.

So, obviously the "norm" thing for me now (every year) is a couple of weeks into our lovely planned curriculum, I scrap most of it.

So we're a few weeks in, I'm behind with my posts, I haven't even downloaded any of the images from the camera (so several hundred photos from the past few weeks are on there)

And I also went through all the stuff we've either dropped or are not using, and all I can think is..."Did Rainbow Resource suddenly expand in Australia? Mainly my library?"

So I am concentrating on removing all the extra stuff from there, so like I can pretend it never happened. Because it didn't, and if DH says elsewise, I'll go get him a beer, he'll forget all about arguing with me.

And now blogger hates me, putting a moving scroller across my screen so I couldn't access my blog.

So yep, still here....unfortunately :p I will have to get stuck in to getting caught up with the blog this weekend, and probably do quite a number of blog posts, and timer set them, as I think life keeps getting in the way of blogging every weekend.

Until then, I am randomly adding, removing and playing around on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/missed/ so you can follow me there (I think there is a link over the right hand side also>>> ....somewhere.

Miss Ed


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