Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quick Lil Post

I'll be putting up photos of the schedule I "used" in the next 2 days. I just wanted to note that I'll no longer be following this schedule.

Originally I was following The Well Trained Mind Book to pretty much the letter, but as some mums do, I got blindsided a tad about the "perfect school" as opposed to the "perfect school for my child" which is, in fact, pretty much the total opposite. So after a year of lagging through this perfect ideal, we are going back to basics. Hence, the curriculum sell-out listed on another post.

We're going more into the way of using a Themed program for each year (loosely followed) with some more Project Based & Natural Learning. i want to take a step back and focus my whole time on Chaos (who will hopefully be going in to get a referral for an assessment & OT) & Atlas (whom we have to work on with her Diabetes & phonics) so everything other than that will be counted as less-important, thus the more relaxed lifestyle.

I have noticed even coming up with this decision, has relieve a big load of my shoulders I was not aware was there. We got much more "schooling" done in the past 3 days, then we did in the past 2 weeks, which, to me is absolutely amazing. Its confirming my choice, that although we are not following the Classical Curriculum of SWB, we are following something that is teaching my children to be life long learners.

But, we'll see how we go with this approach. :p


Miss Ed


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