Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Book a Week: Things we wish we'd known

My new book is Things we Wish we'd Known, which is a collection of writings from many different authors, some you probably know from elsewhere, including such people as:

- Jessica Hulcy (KONOS)
- Jane Clair Lambert (FIAR)
- Valerie Bendt (Reading & Unit Studies made Easy)
- Katherine Von Duyke (Author of a number of books, plus editor of KONOS helps)
- Clay and Sally Clarkson (Educating the Wholehearted Child)
- Debbie Strayer (LLATL)
PLUS lots, lots more wonderful people
The Book is compiled by the well known Bill & Diana Waring.

Basically the whole book reads like a Who's Who of the homeschooling community, so I am eager to dive into this one!


fiona hutchinson said...

Debating if I should Homeschool.....

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