Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gadgets & Technology

Where have I been these past couple of days?

Well, in my worst nightmare. Nearly all of my gadgets have gone on the blink at the same time. Thats the trouble with living in a technological world, we become very dependant on our gadgets.

Heres a short summary:

- My media laptop has decided the DVD drive no longer works
- My netbook (what I am currently on) has decided to do the blue screen of death, complete with Kernel dumping
- My Creative Zen (mp3 player) has decided to give up the ghost, and no longer turns on
- My DSI now won't even turn on (just a brief flash of blue)
- My new "broken" iphone is turning out to be harder to fix than I thought (thanks to the previous person jailbreaking it)

So, the only working gadget in my possession is my kindle, although the plastic strap on the cover for it broke off.

The past few days have been spent in geeks glory world, complete with screwdrivers, many many screws, and a whole lot of googling and fiddling with software. Has it fixed anything? Nope, but to look on the bright side, I have so far eliminated many "causes" for each gadget, so if I keep going, eventually I will find the answer for each (I hope).

So whats next?

- A ton of background software fiddling whilst trying again to restore the iphone
- Actually looking further into the Creative Zens problem, and remembering to leave it charging overnight (the one cord does my computer speakers, camera & zen, so its hard to reeber to plug the zen back in)
- The DSI has to be re-opened back up (only the 10th time lol) and the two do-hickeys looked at (I think its L2 & L4) they may need soldering.
- A backup of all items I need on netbook, and figuring out a way to fix the problems without a CD drive
- Same for Media Laptop
- A new cover needed for Kindle

And what does this tell me? That I am sorely close to just mailing everything to my Dad, and letting him fix it all. He's a certified genius and even makes circuit boards from scratch. Unfortunately he does not have the time to be playing with my non-important gadgets.

Moral of the Story - I have a Love/Hate relationship with gadgets. Also I think I always manage to get the cursed Apple products, I've never had an apple product that worked right, but I still refuse to give up, I do love Apple products, just a pity they don't love me.

P.S. As for my hands (for those in the know) - They are going okay, I'm trying to lay off the computer typing for a while (hence why no post till now too) as 'specially with keyboard typing, they do tend to get worse, the shaking has lessened for the moment, but I'm afraid, I did have a bit of an outlashing about it the other night. I was trying to address two packages, and couldn't even get a few letters out without it being illegible. I kinda lost it, and chucked a huge wobbily, which started me to actually look and decide I need a bit of a break from just "trying to get everything done".

Thanks for all your wellwishes


Miss E.


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