Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Curriculum Flip-Switch

Is it only me, or before school begins for the new year, do you also suddenly jump around and backtrack all over the place?

Because it is starting to not be amusing.

This, however, is my final change, *holds hand over heart* I promise!

So changes ahoy!

-Scrapping Explode the Code (my daughter does not appreciate the repetiveness of the book) we will keep the books around in case of a need to review, but we won't have them anywhere on the lesson plan
- Adding in All About Reading Level 1. New program, I already had the readers, but just found out the teachers part has come out, and that was the final push needed to decide to go on to that instead

- All About Spelling will be moved back to start Level 1 in the middle of the year (week 19)

-After jumpstarting around A LOT on this, I have decided to put 1a&1B back to next year, and just do Part B this year, instead of skipping ahead, so sticking back to the original plans from back yonder. I will be adding in Maths Lessons for a Living Education Book 1 & Life of Fred Elementary Series.

So there we go, a few simple (yeah right!) changes to our curriculum!

P.S. A link dump for the Health, Safety & Etiquette curriculum will be up in the next few days!

Miss E.


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