Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Health, Safety & Etiquette DIY Curriculum

WOW! Three posts in one day....yeah, I tend to do that, lol.

Anyhow, today I give you a major link-dump. I am currently making my own Curriculum as others out there aren't suitable for us. This has Australian sites and information, so if you not in Australia, just look up your local Fire, Emergency Service, Police etc websites. I looked at all websites around Australia, as for emergency numbers they are the same, and its harder to get Aussie Kids stuff.

This is just draft links, not my curriculum, but from where I go from here, its a bit hard to post (copyright and all that from anything I add/purchase etc), so with these links,this will hopefully help you make your own Health, Safety & Etiquette Curriculum.

Be warned, this link list is REALLY long!

Health, Safety & Etiquette


Professor Bumblebees Guide to Type 1 DVD

Grandma Sandy

Diabetes Food Pyramid Bingo

Bee Healthy Diabetic Logbook

Diabetes Colouring Pages

Dealing with Diabetes with Arthur

It's time to learn about diabetes

Healthy Food, Nutrition & the Pyramid

Crunch & Sip Poster in Resources

Importance of drinking water

Has hydration and nutrition lesson plans

Health and Nutrition Activities

Sesame Street Health

Nourish Lessons

Dora's food guide pyramid printable

My 5 senses

I can be a scientist – my 5 senses unit

My 5 senses mini unit

Smelling Bottles

5 Senses Unit Ideas:

My 5 senses Unit

Doctors & Germs

Germ Blow Painting

Official Handwashing Lesson:

Handwashing Printables

Cover your cough

Doctor and Hospital Pretend Play Printables

Doctor is In felt play set

Fake Cast for Doctor Kit

Storytime Bandaids

Props Printables

Pretend Hospital

Cover your sneeze free circle guide

First Aid

Venomous Snakes and tick bites

Kids guide to First Aid

I want to be a doctor ebook

Kids guide to First Aid – PDF Version

Activities/fun for Doctor/Nurse Theme

Colac Kids Ambulance Page

Ambulance – Emergency Helpers Programme

Be an Ambulance Hero Dial Zero Zero Zero

Doctors Dramatic Play Set

Poisons Safety

Hospital Roleplay

Doctors Surgery roleplay

Fire Fighters/ Fire Safety

Funtastic Folders Fire Safety!-F-is-for-Fire-Safety?it=1

CFA Victoria – Programs, Resources etc

Fire & Rescue NSW – Resources, Downloads & Activities etc

Fire Links (Mainly Sparky Resource Link)

Firetruck Dramatic Play

Ideas and Games for Fire Theme

Fire station Roleplay

SES, Flooding & Water Safety

Lessons Plans (SES)

Water Safety Lesson Plan

Safe Passage Teachers Guide (Might be useful)

Being Sunsmart/Skin Cancer/Sunscreen/Slip Slop Slap

Cancer Council Sunsmart Resources

Sunsmart – Resources, links downloads

Printable Resources for Sun Safety

Sun Safety Activities

Recycling/Trash/Earth Day

Read and Understand article about what to recycle

Recycling Resources

Wee (little) Recyclers download Kit

Earth Day Recycling Activity Packet

Recycling! Thematic Unit

Police/000/Stranger Danger

Police Roleplay Resources

Roleplay – Missing Person Form

000 Resources – Police

Police Officer Resources

Police Unit Study

All About Me Book

Little Houses – to Learn Address, Safety etc

Stranger Danger Roleplay

Stranger Danger Worksheet

Alternative to Stranger Danger

Police Roleplay

Road, Car & Street Safety

Projects & Resources

Kids on the Move Downloads:

Car Safety for Kids

Kids on the Move more activity downloads

Car Safety Acitivities

Car Safety Songs


Ideas for Dental Theme

Dental Activities

FUNtastic Folders – T is for teeth!-T-is-for-Teeth?it=1

Dental Theme Printables

Toothbrush Painting

Lets play dentist

Shared Reader Activities

Dental Health Curriculum Unit

Dentist roleplay

Manners & Etiquette

Remember your manners

Manners from Toddler Bites

Tea Party Etiquette and Manners

Mrs E's Extraordinary Manners

Manners Please!%3A--Poems-and-Activities-That-Teach-Responsible-Behavior?it=1

365 Manners every kids should know kindle ebook

Emotions, Feelings and Bullying

My Feelings Lesson Plan

Emotions (Check Preview)

Understanding Emotions Unit Study

Bullying Lesson

Bullying Lesson Plans

Exercise/Activeness & PE

Nourish Active & Exercise

Fitness for Children

Family Time Fitnes

Chores & Cleaning

NONE. We are planning to make up a chores chart for the kids, and have a cleaning role play area for that week. fun with all those links!

Miss E.


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When you said "major link dump" you weren't kidding! :)

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