Monday, March 19, 2012

A little a very long time

WOW! Six months have passed without a word from me! (oopsy daisy!)

Rest assured, I am still here plugging away at stuff. Unfortunately a whole bunch of things clashed together over that period making it practically impossible for me to concentrate on my blog and other areas.

First, I had a bit of a run-in with my CFS making me tired, irritable, and generally foggy brained, so was concentrating on getting myself through that area. Second, we had a nice family break, just us, and that was amazing. Third, house issues came to the forefront, fixing things up, then finally a couple of weeks ago up until about a week ago, the floods hit.

We were alright, the floods didn't "reach" our property, but our yard was flooded, lol. Our driveway was like a running river and there was an enormous pond in our backyard (the dogs played mud wrestling through it). The closest the floods got was around the corner from us (which had me constantly using my iPhone to check it and make sure it wasn't coming closer). But we were "isolated" to a degree that we couldn't get to any town to stock up on supplies. All 4 towns "near" us were closed off, and the main highway at the end of our road was also closed.

We are on aerial? I suppose you'd call it, Internet. Unfortunately early on in that flood, the local tower for our Internet was underwater. So we were rural without Internet or land line (our land line is VOIP). I thanked everything for my iPhone, as it allowed me not to go insane (game apps), check current emergency warnings, weather sites and of course, current road closures (safari), and of course, allowed me to stay in touch with my husband (who was able *just* to get to work throughout the floods, thanks to back/off-road options) and with friends who were worried.

Anyway, all that babbling aside. We should be almost/just beginning our new school year, but I have delayed it on several accounts. Because of how sick I was, we got behind (although they had plenty of arts/crafts, educational movies, ed games, and "electives" to fill up that time), and two, because I have decided to get A through her Maths at a more accelerated pace. She'll be doing Part B of her Singapore Math (originally scheduled for this year) before beginning the new "school term". She honestly is not getting challenged enough (I believe I wrote about this before), so we essentially want to skip ahead with her Maths (I've added in some supplements that are sure to challenge/entertain her as well) so whilst I am getting back up to date/finalising the new school year, we will be concentrating on Part B Math and a little phonics (I deliberately slowed down the phonics workbook so she would have something other than maths to work on). Other than that we'll just do Monthly crafts (current project -Easter).

And for a little tidbit to apologise and to keep you happy - I have been working on two things, a new organisation/planning system to wow the mind (affectionately named BABS (but OLLY in public, will tell you why soon), and a from scratch Health, Safety & Etiquette curriculum (the original curriculum I was looking at was very lacking, so spurred me onto create my own). So soon I'll post with glorious photos and details of those (yes, the blog is a bit short of photos lately, need some more pretty goodness :p )

See you soon!
Miss Edumacated


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