Monday, June 20, 2011

Maths might need adjusting....

I was originally told Singapore Math is usually a grade, okay. We've been through a couple of lessons (doing a lesson a week) and we had a break from school last week (a bit long than I intended, but I got a bit sick, and real life popped up and annoyed us as well :P ) so anyway A says she wants to do school today...I didn't feel like going through the whole rigmarole of the checked box daily plans, so asked her what she wants to do...

"Maths!" Was the reply "I love Maths!" so we duly sprawled on the hardwood floor (oh yeah we are so formal right now! Schoolroom adjoining is currently under demolition derby re-construction by me) and every few lessons I kept asking her if she wanted to stop " Nope, No, No, ...I want to do all of it!" I finally gave up and demanded a break after about Lesson 15-16, That's right, she did about 12 Lessons/weeks (3 months!) of math in one day.....and none of it was that hard for her, there were a few lessons where I had to re-arrange what the book told me to say, but once I did that, she understood and flew through those few....

So, since we are nearly finished the "preschool 1A" we have 3 more books to go, at this rate she could get them done in 10 days or less rofl. I looked up the scope for Primary 1 and noticed it was mostly about addition...and counting to 20. Is there something I am missing? She can already count for pretty much forever and can do math and visual guider (and sometimes mental) addition pretty I am worried I am not stimulating her enough in the area of Mathematics, but I don't want to skip in case we miss anything she doesn't know/needs help on.

.....then I took a breath....calmed down and thought....We're homeschooling, calm down, its one day of her being excited about a subject, if she naturally learns ahead of it, that's fine. This is an introduction year for us after all! Its just to get a feel for us on things. I already have a few different programs for next year that we are planning to merge together, so if she completes this lot of SM books, I'll just order another lot.....I'm homeschooling, I don't need to be tied down by following the rote-d lesson plan. My kids are happy, healthy, and having fun "doing school" what more could I want? And I went blissfully about the rest of my day.....using the broom to sweep up the kids crumbs with an idiotic smile on my face....Welcome to homeschooling! :)


Miss E.


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