Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Young 'Uns

They are a terrible lot!

I tried every which way of making the schoolroom work, but unfortunately they just kept making mega messes of it! (And I mean MEGA!)

I finally had enough, emptied the room.

Now there's the Persian carpet (we have hardwood floors, so something comfy and warm is a must), the 70's couch with pillows, a big lounge table (perfect for all the kids to do school/colour on) and two ginormous comfy foot rests (big square things that match the couch) against the table for them to sit on. There's posters on the walls for everything I need to explain and a hoops game attached to the school closet. That's it! NO shelves, books, toys etc. Just basic furnishings to be comfortable. day...when my kids are older, I will be able to have a couple of things in there for them to look at on their own, without them pulling everything down, ripping everything up, and drawing on every available surface.

One day....*sigh*


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