Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We're on a Winter Holiday

Well not really....We're taking a break from schooling right now as the house is in an abysmal state. All those well-meaners turn round and say: "Oh, forget the housework, it'll still be there later" Well they were right...it is.

And its shocking. If it were somebody else's house and I walked in, I would think there had been an earthquake...or some sort of Underground explosion. Its all right for people to say "Oh forget the housework, concentrate on the kids" umm....okay? But sooner or later, you do ACTUALLY have to clean. No Magic Fairies are going to come and do it for you (unless you call those dial-an-angel people, and even then, if you have waited long enough, they are just liable to scream and run away).

About 3 months ago now, we moved to a new house, before we did that however. I purged, big-time. I don't think people understand HOW MUCH we got rid of, we easily filled up three 3x3 skip bins, countless trips to the tip as well, and about 20 Van loads given to Charity on top of that.

So you wouldn't think theres anything that could actually be made into a mess right? Wrong. My children will make anything into a mess, not to mention the 4th child (DH). So yeah, I am telling you from 6 years of experience, no matter what the nurses at the hospital tell you, you must clean.

Rambling on a bit, but I remember one nurse saying those exact quotes to me back yonder, and then .... she came for a home visit. I swear, the house was tidy, there was just about 3 items of clothing on the far corner of the room, and the bed was unmade....and this nurse shrivelled up her nose in distaste.

So the lil Demon inside me came out to play, as it does occasionally, and I threw a hissy fit last night. And it achieved nothing to the ears of the other house occupants. But I meant what I said. I shall be purging ANYTHING that is not absolutely necessary to the wellbeing of our family.

Today I started in the kitchen, decluttering, purging, cleaning and scrubbing as I went. I only managed to get half the big kitchen done, but already I filled up 3 garbage bags and half a huge moving box!

Today the kitchen, tomorrow the world! mwahaha.

Miss E.


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