Sunday, June 19, 2011


I know I said I would fix up my file folder/planner post and add part 2, but time has gotten away from me!

I spent Saturday quite sick, and today I had to clean up the mess that had happened whilst I was out of action.

BUT...I do have a surprise for everyone! I have spent the afternoon finalising our History plans, and since I needed it anyway, I decided to start doing up a correlation chart.

The chart uses Story of the World Volume 1 as its spine, and I am correlating them up with the following:

- A Child's History of the World
- A Little History of the World
- Maps, Myths & Marvels with Prehistory Option
-History Odyssey Ancients Level 1

So when I have finished this, I will link everyone to it! Hows that for a fantastic surprise?

Miss E.


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