Sunday, June 19, 2011

SOTW Correlation Chart

As promised

I originally had the Usborne & Kingfisher bits listed, but since they are listed according to pages in the Activity Book, I decided to pass on doing it.

I also originally had Biblioplans Crafts & Cool History Supplements I was going to add, but it was too hard and too confusing to secularize these, and would of left only a little amount of crafts/ideas left. We will use their stuff (since I already now have it) for Bible Supplements & Extra Activities.

So, for the correlation we are left with:

- Story of the World Volume 1 (by chapter) (SOTW)
- A Child's History of the World (by chapter) (CHOW)
- A Little History of the World (by chapter) (LHW)
- History Odyssey Ancients Level 1 (by Lesson) (HO Ancients L1)
- Myths Maps & Marvels - with Prehistory (By Bringing Up Learners) (by Week) (MMM)

I noticed there was no real correlation charts, and when they were, they were based on the spine of another program rather than SOTW being the spine. So, hopefully,this will help someone out there.

Its all done via resources from other sites, looking at the programs myself etc. There may be inaccuracies (gosh, I hope not, since I am using it myself!) and some parts referred to more than one chapter of SOTW, so I have put in the best chapter to suit the overall picture. Thus, I suggest you re-check these yourself.

I did the file in Google Docs as a spreadsheet, then saved as a pdf, it looks absolutely shocking, but it gets the job done lol. Just warning you!

Here's the link:

Feel free to make it prettier, then maybe you could go one extra and send the pretty file back to me LOL! One day I will download OpenOffice (150mb!) and then I will make uber-pretty files!


Miss E.


Kate Colvin said...

I know this is years old, but do you still have the chart you made? The link did not work. I am looking at adding in A Little History of the World to our SOTW and History Odyssey this year, but struggling. I would love to see your ideas that you came up with. Thanks!

Miss Edumacated said...

Hi Kate, thank you for letting me know! I have re-uploaded it and updated the link.

Tracey Williams said...

The link is still showing invalid :(

Tracey Williams said...

The link is still showing invalid :(

Julissa Garcia said...

looking for it also

Julissa Garcia said...

looking for it also

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