Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The big long story of Sickness

Today started out like any other day, me wishing I had more sleep, and the kids wishing they could fly.

Not a great start, but I'll take it. The morning flies by, and I go sit on the stoop outside for a couple of minutes to clear my head, then think I will be super sly, put ABC Kids on, and do some more sewing for DS's quiet book.

So I come back inside, making the appropriate calming shushing sounds, bend over to put my laptop down, and ***********. Yes I swore.......REALLY loudly, in front of my kids. They all jump and turn white, meanwhile, I'm still swearing everything I can think of under the sun. Something BIT ME! I reach around and deliver a full throttle smack to the area that stings, then do that mad shake dance you only do when there's some sort of live creature on you, however, I find nothing.

BUT it still really stings! And its on the area at the bottom of my ribs on the right hand side, not easily viewable. I'm muttering and biting my lips to refrain from scaring the kids any further. I gently lift up my top, and ask my daughter "What do you see?" Her:"Its pink" Me: "But is there anything else? Blood? A sharp looking thing? Something the size of Mt Everest crawling on me?" Her: "Its pink, mummy" Oh. Great. Thanks for the help.

I think I have found a solution! I drag one of the kitchen chairs into the bathroom, stand on it, and attempt to have a look at it....well it IS pink, very red pink, and looks swollen, but thats all I can tell, I can't see close enough to see what caused it.

I give DH a call, let him know I really need him to come home, even if he goes back to work afterwards, he says he can't. Well....poo. I have 3 hours till DH arrives home. And I can't see it, shouldn't touch it. I have no idea what caused it.

Now is the moment where I start to panic, I have no idea WHAT bit me. I know it wasn't an ant, wasn't a bee or wasp, that only leaves some sort of bug or spider.....then I remind myself we're overdue to get the spider man in to spray. oohhhhh dear....the main reason he comes is for White Spiders, theres also any number of other spiders round this area. My heart goes into overdrive.

Suddenly, I ain't feeling so good. I sit down, and aim the heater at me. Long story short, but I started to go into what was basically shakes/slight convulsions, suddenly I NEED that heater, I cannot live without it. I'm shaking and the only thing keeping me together is that heater.

Then, I felt something.....crawling up my back. I deliver the hardest smack possible (honestly, surprised I did not knock myself unconscious), and I shake my top but nothing falls out...okay back to the heater. Then my darling daughter chimes in to say "Mummy, whats that on your jumper?" I knock whatever it is off, then spin round to examine it....forgetting how nauseous I was. I see the form of something splattered into about a 5c piece, furry looking grey and black thing.....then I vomit onto it.

My littlest helped me clean up, and she dutifully took the dead whatever-it-was into the toilet and flushed it.

And their I spent the next 2 hours till DH got home when I was amidst another shaking episode, this time I couldn't breathe well. DH demanded I go to the hospital, and I (lets just say I was delirious lol) absolutely refused, because that would require washing my hair and having a shower.

DH looked at said item on back, which he said the swelling had gone down a bit (by now the skin surrounding that area was numb, I couldn't feel it, also anytime my top touched it, it would set off another burst of pain through my body).

DH said it looked similar to a pimple but with a funny yellow head, he asked me if maybe it wasn't just a pimple (of which nearly got him a smack to the head....if I had had any energy to do it). By then I was in too much pain, I almost passed out from choking on water I was trying to sip. I just told DH to squeeze whatever it was, as it couldn't do any more damage. Well, surprise, surprise, it could. I screamed blue murder, I think the people back in town must of heard me, it also scared the kids silly. All that came out was blood. I then directed him to squeeze a little more (this time I almost put my foot through the wall) then use the antiseptic on it.

It did get better over the course of the evening, but after I got bitten, I seemed to suddenly come down with a bad flu (hence the shakes and needing of warmth) my back is burning, but I have DH checking it every now and again (which unfortunately means I can't wear anything over it to protect it) and he said although its getting more and more tender looking, its also starting to look healthier. I guess I'll never know what bit me, or why I so suddenly came down with flu (in a very violent, quick way), but it does go to show their are coincidences. Hear I was worrying that the flu-like symptom was part of the spider bit, and that the reason I couldn't feel my back was because my skin was falling off (yes, I know, very funny, but scared me at the time) and in these circumstances, its best not to google, as what you find can end up setting off google-chondria!

So I'm here, alive, but at the same time, feeling REALLY awful, and its always my luck to come down with these things when I need to be at my best (hopefully I will be recovered enough on Saturday to start setting up DS's b'day!)

P.S. Don't delay getting your pest man out. This has taught me a good lesson!


Miss E


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