Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How much longer?

Yep two posts in one day, going for the record. I would of just posted one, but I need separate posts for this.

Since I have given you all the details of our next curriculum lot, some of you are probably wondering....when are we starting it?

The answer is as soon as we finish our current workbooks. Also, just because I have given our curriculum, doesn't mean we're fully organised as of yet. I have certificates to make up, progress charts, finishing printing some stuff, and adding it to our plan folders, theres still a lot of planning thats going on behind the scenes.

Anyway here's how much bookwork we have left to do:

- 1 1/2 books of ETC Primers
- 2 1/2 books of Singapore Math
- 1/2 book of Social Studies
- 2 1/2 books on Developing the Early Learner.

ETC - I refuse to do more than one letter a day, but we are moving quicker than SL suggestion which is 1 letter a week, but we may not do this everyday, on days we don't I review the letter with various games (I spy, 3 things beginning with...., rhyming etc) she'll also get a review of her letters in the next curriculum lot.

Singapore - She moves through this sometimes with startling speeds, and other times only does a page or two. This is mostly because the younger two seem to know when its math time and play up to the max. Although I have plenty of activities for next time to keep them amused, right now I'm running on empty. And E (our youngest) is never amused with an activity for more than 5 minutes, which only gives me time to half explain things! But this will pass, its just a matter of finding the "right tools for the job" as Handy Manny says ;)

Social Studies - we only do this every so often, since we do a section at a time, the book only has 18 sections all up, we take it slow, and do extra activities on top of this for review.

Developing the Early Learner - This tends (so far) to use the same activities over and over, in different contexts (listening same/different, find the hidden animals/cars/planes etc) DD flies through this with sparkling colours. This is done at odd hours (just before Daddy gets home, of a weekend etc).

I think it will be another 3 months before we begin our new "term". We've just been in the middle of purchasing a house, and also every appointment/visit under the sun is all due/overdue.

Heres a little list of things that have happened and stuff we still have to do:

- Need to change address with companies/people/bank
- Need to get council registration for animals for new district
- Need to cancel registration for old district
- Took dogs to vets (vaccs, heartworm injection etc)
- Need to take cats to vets
- Puppy due for desexing in two weeks
- Appointment with A's medical team/doctor
- Need to make appointment with local doctor to "assign" team (red tape)
- Appointment with OT for kids
- Younger two need referral from doctor
- Need to organise refunds for various house stuff
- Getting stuff for forum swap
- Plus a whole lot of other drama

So aside from getting stuck into our workbooks, we also need to do all these various other things within business hours. Its seems every time we get one thing done, 3 more crop up. Such is life.

With re-organising the house, getting our to do list one, finishing workbooks, I reckon 3 months looks about right.

The rest of our posts will mostly be about current activities we're doing, links to other resources, photos of curriculum and the like. Round near when we begin the next term, I'll put up our 2011-2012 curriculum plans with "spines" we're using, and a link back to the previous posts for those that want more details.

I may be behind a bit in when "stuff" happened, as I only upload my camera every now and again, so next updates will start from stuff two weeks ago.

Tally Ho!


Miss E.


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