Monday, August 1, 2011


Not much done today, just one letter/section of ETC Phonics.

Now that the overhaul of the schoolroom is done, I have been spending most of my time re-organising toys, school supplies, and other assorted paraphernalia.

Since C's birthday is in just less than two weeks, I have also been working on a quiet book for him, although I feel, soon, another trip to Spotlight is warranted to get some more felt. For some reason (presumably because my mind was a jumble) I got 4 pieces of pink felt and a classic girly kitty print that are definitely not needed for this project. I may use it for part of the dollhouse makeover, but for now the felt is useless.

I just joined a Art/Craft swap, so may utilise my time in Spotlight to pick up a few other odds & ends. Honestly, I love spotlight, the sections I look in (craft aisles) change all the time, theres always new products and sales to enjoy, many spark the creative impulse in me.

We're about due for another craft activity, so keep an eye out for the link for that.

I'm still deciding on Life Skills activities, most will be Montessori based, but I haven't had time as yet to sit down and organise it.

Theres also a little appointment I have with DH tonight, for another weekly "where are you upto" jobwise. Honestly I am the man's constant to do list. But I love the scatter-brained cutie.

I do try to get one blog post up a day (part of my new financial years resolution to keep on track of myself, to write, and to share resources) but things here are honestly so hectic, I'm not sure if I'll get any writing done tomorrow. Also, I may not have anything new to add, so for a little bit, my posts maybe late and random, but rest assured, I am still here, life is just making itself felt.


Miss E.


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