Friday, August 19, 2011


I love pinterest! Its so easy to bookmark sites "by picture" of your choosing, and you can add a little note.

I have a little bar added to the top of my internet browser, and when searching, if I come across something I like, I can just "pin it" and forget it until I need it.

Its so much better than normal bookmarks, and is easier in the long run too (for instance my bookmark list is about a metre long, no exaggerations here, and thats just from oh...the past month) I've been on Pinterest for a while, mostly browsing, but finally got around to actually putting stuff on it.

I'm guessing after a quick cleanup, my internet bookmarks are going to stay pretty empty (I can hear DH sighing) yep, they are that bad. I go through them about once a month, and find a forum or notepad to dump relevant links, then duly forget about them till the end of time.

Well, no more; PINTEREST to the rescue!

Hopefully this gives you the right link, I'm a "noob" at sharing my Pinterest link! Here you go:

Miss Ed's Pinterest Board

and remember if you are interested in a link of mine, its best to pin it to your own board! I only keep items as they are relevant, if I have used/already planned them, then they get deleted. I'm not one for additional clutter, and since I can't control the clutter in my house due to other family members, I over-zealously cut the clutter with my online stuff.

Good deed for the day - CHECK.

P.S. Yes, I will be getting photos and links for the birthday up shortly, lately, my life seems not to be in my hands at all! I am planning to get photos uploaded tommorrow (both parts)


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