Monday, August 22, 2011

Disney Cars Birthday Party - Part 4

Is Everyone excited? Its Part 4 of the long series Cars Party! Yey! lol.

I can't be bothered re-ordering the pics, so I'll go in the order Blogger has chosen.

First up the right side of the snacks table. I used a pack of 4 traffic Cones from Spotlight as table decorations. Theirs Mudcake Cupcakes here, I had run out of time and was tired. The sticker on the top of the Mudcakes pack would not come off, so I cut a bit of checkered paper from the stuff I had printed, and laid it on top, voila, its decorated ROFL. McQueen stuff is a party pack I picked up also from Spotlight.

I made little snack bags, each one contained 3 plastic sandwich bags (1 for M&Ms, 1 for Cheetos, 1 for Coloured Popcorn) in little amounts, these were then put into a paper lunch bag. I used a food label downloaded from internet (see Part 3 for links) and stapled this to the top, and wrote each persons name on it.Next up, Left side of Table. Fillmore's Organic Fuel, became the fruit station. To make the fruit more "fun" they were placed in a sandwich bag, and a lightning Mcqueen bag topper was stapled to the top (the kids got all excited, anything is fun if it looks like its come from Disney licensed stuff!)

I was going to do the stacked tires for the donuts, but just decided to add the Luigi label on top. Sarges Trail Survival Mix, is a party favour box from Spotlight, with a premix of nuts inside.
This is the table as a whole. Behind the table we placed the Builders drop on the wall (again with the help of the stick floor cover, it seemed to hold the drop sheet to the wall as well! Amazing. Banner was meant to say "Happy Birthday DS" but again, I got lazy, so just cut out "Cars" and two character banners, and taped those up. Mcqueen tablecloth is also from spotlight, and is just a very thin plastic. I taped it at the sides to make it look nicer.

This is to the left of the snacks table. Balloons were placed on the fireplace, for DS to pop after party was over, theres 4 black balloons (for his age) and one red balloon "to grow on" or whatever the saying is! Steering wheel place mats I downloaded and printed are on top of the fireplace here, ready for catching the stray crumb. The Mcqueen license was something I found at the supermarket of all places, at the last minute. Its Lenticular? I think its called, so goes from the plate numbers, to Lightning McQueen racing when you move it up/down

Remember when I said, I had NO sticky tape/masking tape, or anything useful? Well I did have electrical tape. I think it adds to the theme, don't you think? LOL. This is a poster on the spare wall (promo poster for Cars 2, downloaded again from the internet!)

And thats it, for today's spamming. Stay tuned for more!


Miss E.


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