Sunday, August 14, 2011

Disney Cars Birthday Party - Part 1

AKA - The part with no photos, where mum gets to whinge all she wants.

Disclaimer - I may be extremely whingy sounding, I do not normally sound like this, but I am very tired!!!!

First of all, Happy Birthday to my little man. He ushered in his birthday by ... vomiting all over the bed... he's fine, just a little tummy bug we've been passing round the family. Once his dinner was outsourced...he felt much better.

I on the other hand, seem to have had a different problem for everyday of the week. There was Bad CFS day, Migraine Day, Bite Day, Flu Day, and Tummy Bug Day. It was super fun! So here I was thinking I wouldn't be able to get anything done. But thanks to some crossed fingers and wishes from various people (Thank you!) I felt up to actually setting up the party (although it has been quite downscaled from my original plans!)

Although I have been shopping and printing stuff for 2 weeks, I only started putting everything together and setting everything up at 7:30pm this evening, its now 1:30am and I'm finally finished. 6 Hours of hard work, so I think I'm entitled to have one post to whine a bit ;)

I originally thought the cats would be a problem with the balloons, but they aren't interested in them at all, they are unfortunately, interested in streamers, so because of the special door I put up, they have been quarantined to the bathroom for the rest of the night till the children awake.

This series of party posts will probably be many, I'm thinking about 4-5 posts in all. This will allow me to have my whinge (Part 1), Show the overall setup & cake (Part 2-3) Pics of Kids on the Actual Day (Part 4) And (Part 5) will be supplier lists/links to printables.

My Lil man is 4 today! He's growing up so Fast! Hopefully his poor lil tummy will be settled by morning, but we'll take each second as it comes, and see how we go. After he did it, he was apologizing "Sorry, mummy, made a big mess" aww shhh honey, its okay. He's all schnuggled in Daddy's arms in the kids room, and fast asleep again all happy.

Not sure exactly when I will get each part up but hopefully in a week all parts will be here for you to view! I've made a new category called "Events" so this will be for birthdays & outings, so you can catch all the updates there, 'specially as I have 2 more kiddos B'days before the end of the year to plan!

Every year we just usually have only us, cake & pressies. So now I'm trying to see how I go making "parties" even if its only for the 5 of us. My CFS stops me from doing a full-blown children's birthday with lots of "invitees" as I get tired very very easily round groups. One actual children's party with 15 children or more, could cause me to be bed bound for weeks. Besides we like celebrating their birthdays as a family affair, that way we can choose what we do, when, rather than fitting it all into a 2 hour timeslot ;)

So off to bed I go if I want to be able to wake up for my son's daybreak (which usually occurs when the Rooster down the road goes off just before dawn!)

Stay tuned!

Miss E.


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