Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disney Cars Birthday Party - Part 2

Here is Part 2!

When doing the party, I was still out of sorts. I didn't start getting the party ready until 7:30pm the night before, I spent 6 hours doing everything (including the cake!) I also had NO sticky tape!!!! Can you imagine???

First up is the general room. We hung a string across from the curtain rod to the Fireplace pole thing-y. I blew up balloons with the handy plastic do-hickey (so technical tonight!), I also purchased a 50 pack of those streamer ribbons with the attached balloon clip. We then hung the balloons from the string and snipped off the excess ribbon.

The floor and one part of the wall is covered with Builders drop sheet, and that edges held down with the cling floor film (see, I had absolutely no tape!)

Next up, I purchased 3 mini compartment tool holders from our local hardware store. They were fully washed, and double rinsed.

Inside is:

- Personalised Drivers License (downloaded from internet and picture & info inserted via MS Paint)
- "Ticket" for Cars Movie
- Selection of Toy Cars from DS's huge car collection (for pretend play throughout day)
- Money, both bills & Coins (Purchased for $1 from clearance rack at toy shop)
- Cars themed Blowhorn things from Spotlight
- "Favor" mini gift from Spotlight (Contains trophy cup, badge, and two stickers)

The toolboxes lined up on the wall. They are in such a place that it would be the first thing the kids saw upon entering the room. Drivers licenses are arranged so that they are see-able from the outside so each child knows whose is whose.

The doorway. I saw this somewhere on the web. Basically putting streamers across the door, so upon awakening, to get out of the room, the child has to "rip" through them, like a finish line. DS got so excited about this when he woke up, he took a practice run on the spot before flying forward through it!
DH had a spare tyre in the garage, I was originally planning to use it for a ban bag game. Since time ran short and I didn't have a chance to scrub it, I just used it as a receiving platform for the gifts.

And thats all for part 2! Stay tuned for further parts!


Miss E.


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