Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't you hate it when....

You have finished your curriculum shopping, only to realize that in amidst separating all the items "to get a better deal" you somehow forgot to switch an item over from one site to another? No? Never happened to you?

Well it happened to me! Somewhere between trying to get the best deal for things, an item disappeared off that list. It was only now, when I was double checking received orders, that I went "Where is the Fan-Math Process Skills?" oops. Somehow it didn't make the shopping cart transfer from Christian Book to Book Depository.

Normally I'd be all over it, and already have one coming in the mail. I decided, however, to cut my losses. I have Queen Homeschools "Math Lessons for a living education" listed as a supplement, so I don't don't think I need another supplemental book. Its kind of got me paranoid now, though, that I have forgotten something of more importance! I think a re-go through of my seperate shopping lists for each subject might be in order!

There's been a bit of a delay with getting party photos up. Mainly due to me not getting much sleep, and plugging in the camera and uploading seems like the biggest task in the world, right now. I've also done a temp fix on my DSi, but I still do need to take that apart. What happened to my DSi you may ask? Well, quite a number of months ago, the children took my DS from its hiding place, DH found it, and put it in the backroom. It was only after I could not find it, he told me what happened, so I go to get it (2 days after they played with it) and find it had some sort of sticky substance (probably juice) that had been spilled near the plus control. Thats right, it had leaked into there. The plus control moved all funny, and the screen showed signs of water damage. I had other things going on in my mind, so just left it to "dry out" (with the battery still in it rofl). Fast forward to now when I finally get round to looking at it. Water spots have dried out but are still present, but the control panel works and still the touch screen works (had I known about the put it in a bag of rice trick, that might of saved it all that time ago). Whilst it does work, the water spots have me concerned. And I still seem to have the contact card issues I had before the children played with it. So now I just have to get around to trying to take it apart (I say trying, because although I have a screwdriver that should fit it, I didn't have much luck last time in opening it). So I'll see how I go with that.

I have also given in to the pressure and purchased a phone. WOW! lol. I managed to get a cheap iphone that needs some tinkering with (extremely cheap) so hopefully I can fix it up, and I will finally have a way for DH to contact me whilst I'm at the shops. I have been looking into Apple products for a while, mainly for the app store (sorry androids, your apps don't do it for me), I am hoping the phone will become my virtual command centre.

I will use it for all the things my poor forgotten paper binders are for. I'm a paper and pen girl (and possibly notepad on computer girl), but its become a bit of an annoyance when my kids keep taking my todo lists and pens. And honestly, my life is so hectic, I need a personal assistant, slash that, I need something with a reliable, working brain, to keep up with all the appointments, schedules, birthdays, shopping lists and just the stuff I never get around to "organising". Whilst I don't think it will be the be-all, end-all of everything, hopefully it will help me to get more on track, as my mind wanders a lot lately. Even just setting an alarm to remind me about the bins, and to feed the animals during the daytime (I currrently feed them at dinner time) will be a major help. As elsewise, I seem to procrastinate on everything until the last minute. I currently have "emergency brain" where only things that are suddenly of dire urgency pop into my head.

So theres my ramble of an update. The weather has turned here, so I hope everyone is keeping warm.

P.S. Our lil pup Roxy is getting towards being a big girl, she went in for her desexing yesterday! She was supposed to come home yesterday evening, but the poor darl was so tired she had fallen asleep again in her pen by the time DH got there! The vet offered to keep her overnight and feed her, as it wasn't nice to disturb the poor lil bub. She's going to be picked up shortly by DH! yey! I have a nice cosy area inside, near us (but behind the locked screen, so the kids leave her be) for her to schnookle up and get some yummy warm rest. She'll be back to the vets in 10 days to have her stitches removed, until then, we somehow have to keep the bouncy pup settled (I remember how hard that was, from last time with our other dog Lila). And she's upto 18.5kg! at 5 months! So I reckon she'll probably get to that 24-25 kg mark, and will be a big 'un just like her Daddy (who is a Lab x Rottweiler), her mummy is small medium (Border Collie x Kelpie).


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