Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Practical Life

Yey! I've managed to write today (although it is quite early in the day, so this maybe another option for me on days I know will be hectic :)

I've had a look around and since there is so much stuff on various sites, I have decided to do this the same way as our crafts. I'll just put a slot in for it, and link to the activity we did that week on our blog.

Montessori has lots of neat ideas for practical life, so even if you do not like Montessori for the main areas, I would suggest googling practical life, as these are easy activities (mostly) to setup, and hold a lot of importance in many areas. Some activities even move more over into the kitchen area (such as peeling carrots and cutting vegetables)

Your best bet for startup is to go to your local charity shop after researching, and pick up a few basic items to get you started (for instance I picked up stuff like mixing bowls, a colander with handle, some trays, ice cube trays, compartalised stuff, an a whole bunch of various other tools.

Montessori is big on glass, but unless I want to be holding under jugs, bowls etc, this was not an option for us. Everything we purchased is plastic, not as pretty, but less "mummy is having a heart attack" moments.

Also, try googling "continent boxes" these are great starters for geography.


Miss E.


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