Thursday, August 4, 2011

Explode the Code Wallchart

We finally received this a little while ago. The one we purchased also comes with an activities book.

I want to use this now, and in the future for the ETC Primers for each child.

The kids love it. I have let them spend a few times just getting introduced to it. the only problem have found so far, is that a few of the plushies are un-recognizable (naughty mum either doesn't know what they are, or its something that could have two different names (eg. lift vs elevator, not that there a lift plushie lol). so its a process of elimination for those.

Heres a few pics:

(She was very excited that the duck has her eggs next to her. Note that these pics were taken before the cleaning of my lens, hence they are still blurry, sorry about that!)


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