Thursday, August 18, 2011


That pretty much sums it up!

Roxy (one of our dogs) got back from surgery yesterday 24hours after her actual "surgery", point being she had nothing to make her dopey in her system. That combined with coming home and seeing us again, is not a good mix!

Let me explain....she is a VERY active dog, we needed something that would keep up with our other dog, whom is also active. Since shes still a puppy, that active-ness is essentially doubled. Now I wish she had come home whilst she was still dopey lol.

Instead I essentially have one very active girl, locked in a bathroom. Not my best plan, but she needed somewhere that would be kept clean & sterile (so constantly acessed for cleaning), easily cleanable, and that is separated from all other animals and from the children. This only leaves the bathroom. Whilst its great for its intended purpose (keeping her rested and quiet) when I have to go in to go to the loo, its not so great. Imagine a VERY LARGE, VERY BOUNCY puppy trying to get in your lap and have hugs whilst your trying to use the facilities...yep, not fun. Not only that but she has an eternity of kisses to apparently make up for, so each time I sit down, she's non-stop licking everything accessible, my hands, my jeans, trying to take the Toilet Paper off me. I also have to find a place to stash her for 20 minutes, so I can take a shower, as I desperately need one, and whilst normally I wouldn't care if she was jumping in and out of the shower (not that that would happen normally since shes not normally inside!) she cannot get her stitches wet.

Which also brings more fun when I have to take her outside to pee....cause well....its raining buckets right now. There is no way NOT to get them wet, especially since she wants to pee in the grass, now would be the one time I wouldn't care in she peed under the carport, but no, my girl has a special spot she seems to be fond of right now, right dead center of the lawn, in the pouring rain. And of course, with the rain, there are those innumerable smells that pop up. Which results in her jumping round doing her happy dance flinging herself into the air, like some crazed circus clown.

Luckily her stitches still seem all fine and good, but with this girl, it only seems to be a matter of time before there will be an emergency rush to the vets. The poor thing had her dewclaws removed at the back at the same time too, as the vet deemed them dangerous, they were protruding too much and too "loose", Which means in my spunky dogs term, it was only a matter of time before she got them caught on something and ripped. Whilst they provided info on the desexing, they did not provide any on the Dewclaws, which now have a big sticky bandaid bandage wrapped round them. Off to google more on what to do....

Miss E.


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