Monday, July 18, 2011

Aussie Studies

Yep, I'm back!

Obviously I haven't finished the lesson planning for this one (actually I haven't even begun it!) but its pretty easy!

We're going to use Australian Book Traveller from Downunder Lit as our base. And whilst I had ideas of things I already have on the computer to add to it, I can tell you, it doesn't need it! This program is choc-a-bloc full of ideas, activites, further exploration etc. I adore it!

We managed to get the core books pretty easily from around the place (Readings, Holistic Page and Bookworm) Nardika was in stock at Hawthorne online Readings, but is now listed as "on order" so hopefully they can get some more! As this seemed to be the only place (apart from rare shops) we're you can get it.

And the best thing of all....its Australian! lol. Which means although I have purchased the core books (so we ca go at our own pace and re-read, and not worry about the 3 week library window) the extension and supplement readers seem to be easily available from our local libraries! WOOHOO!Link
We'll probably be doing a book every 3 weeks, and doing ABT twice a week. If we want further studies/activities/ideas, we have these available to us:

- The Aussie sections of our Geography curriculum
- Continental Little Hoppers - Australia (LOVE this, I really wish they had continued with all the continents, its SO hard to find geo studies aimed at the younger years!)
- Free Wombat Study Unit Study (we have this book on our shelf) from Dowunder Lit
- Hands of a Child - Australia
- Evan Moor - Australia (although this is really aimed at older kids)
- Bush Calendar from Downunder Lit
- Some Montessori printables we downloaded.

Other than that, a lot of our general Lit readers this year will be Australian based, so keep an eye out for our lit list for ideas!

Crikey, would you look at the time, I'd better go cook some grub ;) LOL!

Miss E.


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