Sunday, July 31, 2011

Electives Resource Links

This list doesn't include Home Ec/Life Skills, I will do that as a separate post later on, as I have yet to organize it.

Musiq Adventus - We are going to use their Year 1 program, This is a piano computer program, I wanted something independant, with little teaching from mummy, as mummy can only play Hot Cross Buns and You are My Sunshine. I did learn keyboard in school, but everythings disappeared from my head. Please note - They do not send the Pianos to Aus, so just get the Children's Music Journey Volume 1 & Lesson Plan set. The keyboard they recommend is M-Audio Keyrig 49. This is a touch sensitive MIDI keyboard, with full-size keys and is nicely weighted. They use various Composers (such as Beethoven) as the child's instructor. As long as DD remains interested we plan to use their full curriculum.

Arts - We'll be adding in a craft or two a week. Harmony Fine Arts does have lesson plans, and I am planning to start this when the children start Medieval year. Harmony Arts 1st year is just an overview, and we get art appreciation in Language Lessons for Little Ones (And FLL I believe too) so since we also have a Pre-K'er and smart little cookie toddler, we're going to stick to just plain messy crafts. I will link to these as we do them. (We've already done two in previous posts, Sticky Window Art & Bathtub Rainbow Paint)

Rosetta Stone - Since we won't be starting Foreign Language until 2/3rd grade formally, we are using Rosetta Stone Latin as an informal start. DD will be allowed to play the program once a week for upto 40 minutes (with breaks every 15-20 minutes, If you allowing your child to play computer for more than 20 minutes, I strongly recommend at least a 5 minute break every little bit to allow them to stretch, have a quick play, and to look at things other than a computer screen. I do think the software for a number of subjects is great, but think in terms of moderation, even adults with jobs in front of the computer are meant to stretch every 15-30 minutes.) It looks like the website is changing to an online version? We purchased version 3 software second-hand for really cheap.

Critical Thinking Co. - This company is beautiful. I would highly suggest getting Mind Benders programs. These come in both workbooks & software. We have chosen software. The actual ones we purchased were Mind Benders Beginnings 1 & 2, the first one is a pre-k one, but A will start off with that, and we'll also allow the little ones a turn with it. We won't use this often, just as a gap filler, and boredom buster. We also have various Critical thinking books we have picked up from all over the place. I highly recommend if possible, having some workbooks or educational software like these for the "Mum, I'm bored" moments. Little kids usually love this type of thing, and it works out the logic centres of their brain. Lollipop Logic by Prufrock Press is another one many mums like.

PE - We're not that interested in having a formal PE curriculum as of yet. Health is covered in our science program (including Safety & germs). Since our kids are little they get enough exercise, even when there meant to be "sleeping" ;), I am however, waiting for these people to come out with their exercise DVD, this will be good for rainy days. We'll also be slotting in certain times for outdoor play, don't forget even the littlest kiddies need sunshine, and if your a busy mum, its always good to slot random times in to just let the kiddies go out and enjoy the fresh air.

Religion - We are not heavily religious, but we would like to bring up our children with an understanding of the bible (we'll also cover other faiths lightly in our geography studies). This year we used two separate children's bibles from Sonlight Prek Cores. When I saw their next core was also another Children's bible, we decided to go in another direction. I wanted something similar to the Sunday School I went to as a child, lots of crafts, storytime. We originally looked at Bible Study for All Ages, and although this looks to be a good programme, it was a bit dry since I have so many young 'uns, we may use this in the later years. For now we have decided on Read and Share Units 1 & 2, these are beautiful, exactly what I was after, and even include Puppets, and little dvd sgements, crafts and a whole lot more. We also purchased the Veggietales Bible Storybook, which covers the main events in both the old & new Testaments, using Veggietale character stories, my children love Veggietales :)

Thats it for now, I'll be back with a Life Skills resource list later


Miss E.


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