Monday, July 25, 2011

Its One of those Days...

Its one of those days where you realize:

- You are currently being stretched in too many directions
- That although your body feels "good", you don't have the energy to make it through the day
- You realize that this is the start of what the rest of the week will feel like
- You expect the sugar on the floor should pick itself up, 'cause your sure not gonna.
- That the highlight of the week will probably be when the weeks come to an end.

Yep, I'm having one of those days. Tell me exactly how the doctor expects you to remove all stress from your life, unless you permanently live in a black bubble? Yep, not possible!

On the upside I think I may see my DH at lunch-time so thats always a happy pick-me-up. And the kids have been having loads of fun with said sugar, its been an "archaeological dig" "raceway" "snow" and various other props. So at least they are having fun playing, and I'm thankful its not cocoa powder (now THAT is a PAIN to clean up) and its not something wet. It should easily be cleaned up with the vaccuum. But, still, it should pick itself up. Good note to others - do not let DH leave his coffee paraphanalia out on the benchtop when he leaves....the other day it was coffee and oh boy, that was fun.

Already happened this morning - We played with shaving foam and food colouring and paper patterns, E covered herself in purple shaving foam, said problem with sugar, having to do some paperwork urgently for DH requiring a bribe of cereal for the kids (which worked well....for 2 minutes) yep. Lovely day. Oh, and E is still going on about her clothes hurting, and having a few other problems, so once the house drama is sorted out, we'll be seeing a GP to get a referral for both the 2 younger kiddies, so I will keep everybody posted on this.

We're lucky these sorts of days are few and far between, if they were every day, I think I'd go mad (don't get cheeky and say I'm already there!) Hopefully I can do some cleaning up, and get a bit of Maths into our day. I will also get some piccies of our All About Reading program, I have already sorted one student pack out, so I can goss the details as well!

Lovin' Life
Miss E.


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