Saturday, July 30, 2011

Language Arts Resources

Please note this doesn't include spelling or phonics/reading, which I will do separate posts for.


Language Lessons for Little Ones - We have Books 1-3 in the house, these are beautiful, covering letters, poems, artwork and lots more. We use these as non-consumable, just getting the kids to point stuff out, explain orally, and draw pictures if needed on scrap paper

First Language Lessons - We just downloaded it and plan to use it. I am not sure how similar it may be to the above one, but I think a different point of view is always welcome in our house. If your planning to use this, Homeschool Creations also has Poem printables for it


Growing with Grammar - I know FLL supposedly covers grammar (and some of my other programs might too) we got this as an extra that's not quite so teacher intensive, my daughter likes "checking" the boxes, so we thought this would make a good additional program.


Wordly Wise 3000 - This is expensive (well at least the teacher part of it is) and is completely not necessary. We purchased both the K & 1st Vocab programs, and from what I have been reading at Satori Smiles, the K vocab list is quite easy. You do not need a Vocab program until 3rd/4th grade or later, and then I would choose a word roots program. We chose this because I know my daughter would love it, and since the teacher part is re-usable I can just purchase new student books for the other two. If I only had one child, unless we weren't on a budget, I wouldn't purchase it. It is a beautiful, fun, bright program, but Vocabulary at this age is easily picked up through reading good books.


Writing with Ease - I purchased this, but will look into it a little further to see whether its suitable for right now, we may delay using it for half a year. This is a wonderful program and many families love it. I know we will, its just a matter of when we will start it.

Write Source - Another unnecessary item, but it does give a different point of view on the subject. It tends (it seems) to bring in stuff earlier than what it would in WWE, but does it in such a fun and colourful way.

If you are on a tight budget, I would recommend just getting First Language Lessons, and following that. If you feel you need something extra, then my recommendation would be to get Writing with Ease. These programs hold your hand, are simple, and short. And if you get the downloadable versions you can just print as you go, or print all at once, helping with the paper taming :)


Miss E.


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