Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay, I'll admit it....I went a little crazy with purchasing some Math Manipulatives!

In our defense we have NO math manipulatives in our house, and its hard to get the stuff that I want in Aus. So whilst I was scrolling around Sonlight, I decided it would become a part of the budget to purchase some supplements to help out our Math Program! But who could blame me after taking a peek into Satori Smiles closet?

We are currently using Singapore Math 2yr Preschool/Kinder program, so will continue on with that (although, I believe my little girl is going to finish the 2yrs in 8 or less months, hence why I purchased the new lot)

The Singapore version we are using is getting harder to source, so we purchased the U.S. version, this apparently covers whats in the sng version, but with US based extras, we may even consider moving to the US "standards" version which is supposed to be harder, after this lot.

What we purchased (mostly from Sonlight, but Purchased Process & HIGs from Christian Book)

- 1a & 1B Textbook
- 1A & 1B Workbook
- HIG (Home Instructors Guide)
- Intensive Practice 1A & 1B
- Challenging Word Problems
- Process Skills
- Grade 1 & 2 Singapore Math Game (Wiggle Woods? I think it is?)

We also have this BIG (I mean BIG!) Maths Lessons for a Living Education from Queen Homeschool. LOVE this! So we'll use this in conjunction with SM.

Satori Smiles has some wonderful photo - blogs of SM books and how shes uses them.

I have thought a lot about how to schedule, as my daughter sometimes flies through them, and other times want to do something else, so its not something I can really "schedule" per page per day etc. Then I found this scheduling idea! So we'll be adding an area in our Day for Maths, and just have a Master List typed up that we can tick off as we go! Brill!

We also have Mathtacular DVD, but this is just a "fun" thing the kids like to watch ;)

Miss E.


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