Friday, July 29, 2011

Sticky Window Art

All we really do currently for school is bookwork. Although its interesting bookwork, I don't think readers are interested in "We finished page 15 today!". So since we try to get some sort of crafty thing a day (but in reality it happens every 2-3days) I thought I would tell you about that instead.

Our previous one was about Rainbow Bath Paint.

The one we are doing today is much more....sticky. So much so, it seems to have collected my cats hairs (note to self - vac out window beams) quicker than it collected art.

We didn't have any matchsticks, but have plenty of coloured paddlepop sticks and straws, which seem to work just as well, I also managed to collect 3 lids (one for each child) for their Sun, our whatever they plan to use it for.

Without further ado, heres our link for today: Sticky Window Art

Miss E.


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