Monday, July 4, 2011

Science Resources

Hi, Its me again!

I had the History resources written down for a while, just forgot to come and paste them! Silly me.

Anyhoo, we've finished the basics of our Science Program, we're concentrating on Life Science for next year, and will hopefully make a few related field trips to places like Zoos, Museums and Aquariums.

Here's our resources:

Elemental Science - We are using Biology for the Grammar Stage set. The one we purchased also includes lapbooking through biology. They have a Nature Studies guide coming out early 2012 I believe, we may add this on, but for the moment our Science schedule is quite full. We are using the 2 day a week schedule as our backbone, so we have room to add further studies on.

Real Science Odyssey - This we are using as a supplement, I re-organized it to go along with Elemental Science. RSO has some really fun labs, so when we feel like skipping ES's labs, we will still have labs pertaining to the subject at hand.

Yahoo Groups - Suitable Yahoo groups for this are:

Elemental Science Yahoo group - This has some great free supplementals to go along with the program. I also picked up a Life Science Video guide. Admittedly its meant for Discovering Streaming, but includes Magic School Bus, so this helped with a bit less work of where to put the MSB videos and what there titles were.

Real Science Users - Is the Yahoo group for Real Science Odyssey

Living Science - If your less into labs and more into living books, this Yahoo Group is a "must have" resource. It can also help with additional ideas for each subject.

Another option for Science is Real Science 4 kids, we decided against using this, but even if you are using the above programs, you could look into just using the student textbook, which is more like stories, its quite fun and engaging, and I was originally going to purchase it, but we have enough resources for the time being :) RS4K also has a Yahoo group here.

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