Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Planning & Organising - File Crates

**Due to the fact I am not going to get my lesson plan photo-blog done anytime soon, I thought I would copy/paste a reply I gave on another forum, hopefully this should assuage your appetite**

We started homeschooling year round. We just take a break whenever life intrudes lol.

I use Dawns File Crate system with a twist. I have 3 archive boxes & a couple of presentation protector folders.

1st box - Weeks & Folders labelled Weeks 1- 36 I put two folders in each hanging file. I put all our lessons for that week in the folder.

2nd Box - Has Daily Hanging Files & Folders Day 1 - 20 (4 weeks worth)

3rd box - Is another Daily one for the next lot 1-20 (another 4 weeks)

about every 6 weeks I organize and sort the next lot of stuff into the folders for those days (taking the two final weeks of days to the side).

I avoid naming anything by Weekdays (Monday etc) everything is jst duly named week 20 - day 2 etc.

The presentation folders contain stuff that won't fit into the 36 week schedule (like SOTW lol) so for SOTW the final few chapters left over, I sort by chapter into a presentation folder, these are to do once we have finished the 36 weeks.

Once we are nearing the end of our curriculum, I start planning the next one. So I still do the 36 weeks, we just have those as "formal" and the rest as "informal"

I take time off whenever we need it.

We also follow a kind of loop system. So only when we are finished with day 1 fully, do we move to day 2, this mean when life intrudes it may take us a few days to "do" day 1. I don't just let it fall off, forget it and move to the next day

I've been meaning to write up a proper post about my lesson planning for a while but I never get time to do up the pics to explain it properly. But hopefully that isn't too confusing, and has helped some


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