Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not much of interest going on....

I have a few interesting posts planned for the future, but right now, nothing interesting is happening.

Due to DH's work schedule this week, it has bogged my body clock and made my condition's symptoms worse than ever. I'm all foggy-headed, and can't really concentrate, and there's still another day and a half to go. I'm hoping that a nice night's rest on Friday will help matters immensely as I had big plans for this weekend.

DH had a time schedule all drawn up and sent out to the various parties the other night (I helped him do up a todo list, what I'm famous for, and work out his schedule), but its gone wonky since then. He pulled an overnighter into Wednesday Morning, was in no shape to work for the rest of Wed, and due to his boss deciding on something, DH had to go in for a few hours somewhere round 12-2am Now this morning he left at Gosh only knows what hour (I think got back at 2 then left again at 3-4am) today he said was from 6am - 6pm, but on the schedule we drew up, because of a production run, he's supposed to work from midday to midnight, and from midday to 5pm friday. So right now I have no idea whats going on, and am currently winging it, with what little energy I have left. I am a very very light sleeper, DH could sleep through a earthquake, hence he deals with the kids of a night. As he can sleepwalk to replace their drink,fall down on the bed, and be asleep simultaneously. If I have to do it, I will be up for 2 hours past getting the drink, only to just settle down to sleep to be woken by another child. Consequently cause of the all-nighters, I have had little to no sleep, I'm functioning on not-there reserves, so we'll see how this works out by the weekend.

I did take pictures of AAR Pre-level 1 and have some plans about Organisation for toys, but right now I need to go back to zoning....

Miss E.


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