Monday, July 11, 2011

Printer Woes

I disappeared for a little bit. Sorry!

I have been wholly busy with fixing up the final pieces of our History & Science printing!

Then my laser decided the photo-sensitive reel was carking it. Since I had only just changed to the 2nd toner unit, I was not going to go out and buy a new drum unit this second (especially after our other purchase I will tell you about in a second!) so I have a fiddle with the unit....bad idea, the pages came out looking decidedly blurred. So in the end, I decided what the heck, I couldn't wreck it more, ignored the warnings about being careful with cleaning it, and spit and shined with (yes with actual saliva rofl) with cotton balls.....and its working good as new. Go figure. I honestly doubt it would last long as since its photosensitive stuff I assume my saliva is not good for it in the long term, but hey, I got the final 20 pages I needed to print out, so I'll deal with it when I next need to use it, and see how I go then.

Now onto other business we have a HP ink colour printer...its cheap and I hate it. Honestly its my fault for letting Dear Dear hubby go in and purchase one. I have always hated HP, everytime I have used our had a HP printer somethings always gone wrong. This time is no different, because of the ink, paper or the printer itelf (yes, I did try to adjust the settings to fix it) the pages come out all warped from the wet heavy ink. THEN my puppy decided to bite through the power cable (she also bit through many many other cables but anyway) dearest hubby fixed the cable, but it keeps being tempermental. So all up I decided I had had absolutely enough of this stupid printer.

I asked for recommendations for a laser colour printer (cheap with cheap running costs) and had a lovely lady tell me about the Epson Workforce 633. Even though this is an Inkjet, it had a surprising number of good reviews, even from a die-hard laser enthusiast I spoke to. So I did a little further research, and badda-boom, decided to include it in our budget for this school lot.

I have yet to open the box (am about to do that today) so I will let you know how I go. Especially with the wireless network as I just found out it recommends WEP encryption only, which we refuse to use.

Other matters - I am a bit different lately from most other women. I have 1 pair of shoes....thats it. Right, I'll be honest, I have a pair of evil leather shoes for important functions, and a pair of strappy sandals. But I only have one pair of everyday shoes. Lately they were some knee high ugg boots from the Charity Shop. I wore them day in, day out (you'd be surprised how well ugg boots go with almost anything in your wardrobe) lately they started to bite the dust, by the way of the shoe coming apart from the sole. It got to the point where my foot kept falling out of it. Now I'm a cheapie, I kept an eye out in Savers (our charity shop but for Winter, they had a surprising lack of anything wintery, mostly had strappy sandals. I had a look in Kmart but everything there was awful. My feet started to feel funny. ....They got worse. I finally bit the dust and got DH to go to Big W where I purchase a pair of Wool Inner lovely calf high uggboots ($30 a bit over what I wanted to spend). This was just in time to find out I had Chilblains. Probably caused by my already bad circulation, mixed in with my anaemia, this apparently makes it very easy for me to get this (and before this I had never heard of it) my feet are not slowly getting worse/better. But its taught me a lesson to keep more of an eye on keeping my feet warm! Chilblains is not fun, think of it as major chickenpox on your feet....yeah. gross. My feet feel insanely itchy, but I'm not allowed to scratch them (does rubbing your feet inside your shoes count? I can't help it, the itch is enough to drive you insane!) They look all red and swollen and shiny (in the beginning it felt like water retention from when I was pregnant, like me feet were about to pop!) Both heat and cold feel good for a second, before it makes it hurt worse. They are very very tender. So a lesson FOR ALL OF YOU. Take good care of your feet and keep them warm this winter. Don't be a cheapie, and get some yummy warm uggboots.

Miss E.


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