Monday, July 4, 2011

History Resources

I've nearly finished our History curriculum for next year, so thought I would share resources of whats helped us. If others share links as well, I am sure this could be a good resource list for Newcomers :)

We are combining History for our 2 Prek's and our soon to be First Grader. Our goal is to just give an introduction to History at large, we are not utilising timelines, drills or tests, just making it a good starter towards History. When we go through History the second time round we will actually be more vigorous

Story of the World By Susan Wise Bauer- This is our main spine, we are utilising Ancients. We have/are purchasing the Book itself, and the Activity Guide. There are also Tests and other resources available. We also plan to purchase 3 of the Famous Figures of Ancient Times (this can be purchased elsewhere) so our kids can run around waving their silly figures and re-enact chapters

History Odyssey Ancients Level 1 - This is another good program. we are utilising it as a supplement for further ideas from a different angle. History Odyssey likes you to use Evan Moor History Pockets.

Myths, Maps & Marvels - This is a free curriculum. I would suggest downloading and having a look to see whether it would suit you, after all it is free LOL. We are using this as another ideas maker, mostly for internet links etc.

Evan Moor History Pockets- We are going to be using the Ancient Civilisations Grade 1-3. This has pockets & activties for Egypt, Mesopotamia, Romans etc. If you use SOTW Volume 1, you will utilise all except the Last Pocket "Aztecs" this is covered in Vol2 I believe?

Yahoo Groups - There are many Yahoo groups to suit History, the ones that suit the items above are: Hannahs Helps, SOTW DiscussionS, SOTW Vol1 Discussion, History Odyssey

Satori Smiles - Has a Pre-history curriculum, as well as links for each chapter of SOTW, and many many other goodies

Chronological Earth - Has a brilliant list of History/SOTW Resources

Paula's Archives - Is another great site for History

There are many many books to help you (and movies) but lists can be found at the above sites, so I won't repeat them.

I hope this helps you on your way into the past


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