Thursday, July 28, 2011

Letter of the Week Resources

Of course my preschooler & toddler want to join in on the school fun too! Other than crafts and following along with my elder child, we have a few special Letter of the Week resources just for them, so I thought I would share (Of course, my elder child will do it too, as the kids always have to do everything together ;) )

All About Reading
- I will be getting photos of this up soon. They already have the books for Levels 1 & 2 (to correspond with All About spelling levels) but they have a beautiful Pre-level program. This is similar to Letter of the Week curriculums. It teaches the capital letters, followed by lowercase, then the sounds. And Ziggy the Zebra is just adorable. Theres also two free e-books available for the Pre-K level.

Letter of the Week - By Confessions of a homeschooler. Love this, am planning to purchase soon (very cheap, and instant download) we'll use this as a resource along with All About Reading. I will have the appropriate letters activities available for the preschoolers for when I am doing work with A. They also carry a K4 Pack, that we plan to use as an extension of A's phonics.

Actually edited this two days later to say, If you are following the above program, or love Leapfrog Letter Factory, I found this link for: Leapfrog Letter Flashcards. How cool is that!

ABC Twiggles - This also has letter of the week resources. I joined up a while ago (package deal for that and Kidssoup) and forgot all about it till now. The resources are wonderful. They are sensory based. Feel the letter, eat the letter, read the letter, sing the letter, create the letter etc. Will definately use these as an add-on.

Letter of the Week - This is a free curriculum. I have looked at it on and off over the years, but it never seemed to suit us. But again, because its free, I would recommend checking this out first. A lot of families love it.

A special link - And on saving the best for last, here's a link to someones Pinterest board, which has Letter of the Week resources for each letter, as well as numerous other subjects (scroll down right hand side to see her other "subject" pins

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