Thursday, July 14, 2011

Upcycling for Christmas...

With all the current Toy Sales on everywhere, it got me thinking about Christmas.

The thought of getting MORE toys sent my heart into palpitations. I do not want to bring more plastic toys into our house.

I LOVE the look of wooden, beautiful, quality made toys....but um, I can't afford it LOL. In more ways than one. I DON'T want a toy toddlers will be playing with that is so expensive I have to insure it. And I'm pretty sure in every insurance policy there is fine print that reads "if the person has children, this policy is null and void before it even begins" ROFL.

Even though I have little spare time to devote to this, since we are still quite a number of months away, I decided other than giving the kids "educational toys" that I would be getting them anyway for their schooling next year as presents, to make the rest.

So I know:

A (5) - Wants a doll similar to the Tangled Rapunzel Doll. So I wash thinking of trying my hand at making a Waldorf styled doll in the style of Rapunzel. I have also been promising her a dollhouse (the old one we had I gave to charity, as it was very very annoyingly styled lol) so we have this short, fat bookcase (sproing! idea pops into head) I'll paint and fix up this bookcase into a dollhouse!

I have two other kids, but they don't really understand enough to know exactly what they want, so I have been thinking DH could get into the act and help by making "tree blocks" which are similar to building blocks, only made out of branch chips.

I have 3d sculpt felting supplies, so might make them some playscenes/sets. I am also adept (not great, but passable enough for kids rofl) at felt toys. So this should open up my ideas quite a bit!

I am pretty useless at normal sewing (I have to work on that! ... one day) so may look into "outsourcing" for some pretty drawstring bags (have to help Aussie work at home mums in some way! lol) to keep the individual toys I make in.

I'll let you know of anymore ideas I have....when I finally have them :) And of course, shall provide photos of any pressies once they are made.

I'd love to hear of other ideas though!

Miss E.


Unknown said...

That's great! See if Miss A wants to pick out a few of her toys closer to Christmas to donate. Even if they just go to the charity shop and not directly to someone, it's a great lesson for her to learn about giving before receiving iygwim.

As for home-made crafts, looks like you have it covered! Little tree-house furniture for the dollhouse would be semi-easy as well, with a bit of wood glue. Love the bookcase development, make sure you take pictures!

MoM said...

Thanks for your kind reply!

We normally regularly donate to our charity shop (which as it happens supports Diabetes Australia, so since A has Diabetes, she understands it goes back to helping children like her!). I actually have pulled most of their toys into the backroom, to go through and decide what to donate, so I might keep a box aside for close to Christmas for her to give to the Charity herself. Thank you!

I actually went into spotlight the other day (looking for People pegs) and came across cute little unpainted wooden furniture, and also some ideas I "stole" from the scrapbooking section. we were thinking of using an old cotton reel and flower sprigs as a vase of flowers, and a bit of cardboard with a picture of a bride & groom for a wall hanging/photo.

I always prefer to concentrate on one thing at a time (else I get overwhelmed) so I'll finish planning our new program. Once thats done I will put two feet solely into our Xmas ideas!

we'll definately have a lot of piccies to share!

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